Memorizing Holy Quran Competition

The holy Quran competition which was launched recently across the country ,on Wednesday, 13Jawza1394 the Assembly of distributing, certificates and awards, for the winners of the eighth round of the tournament (skilled in the Quran), was held while the authorities from Ministry of Hajj and Islamic Affairs ,DarullHefaz organization, some members of parliament, religious scholars and some of the students' parents were present from capital and provinces.


The ceremony started by recitation of a few verses of Holy Quran by Qari Sheikh Al-Qura Barakatullah Salim then deputy Ministry of Tribal Jirga of ministry of tribes and kinfolk talked ,and added: Although our nation is caught up in lots of problems, but fortunately, we can see that authorities attention is getting higher on children, young people in learning of education, particularly the teaching of religious education andQur’an.

The President of Legislative Commission of  Parliament spoke about the miracle of the Quran and said: Quran is the last book of the celestial and the perfect book for humanity, if we follow its instructions, the society won’t encounter any problems,, and those who don’t follow the Quran’s commands, face with various problems in their lives, and at the end of his speeches he considered it a great honor to students and their parents.

               At the end Qari NoorulzamanSharafat member of mentioned organization talked about the work’s programs of the organization, and added: in 1394 across the country 3500 people attended in the competition, including 100 people received Awards and certificatesand7 of them in addition to obtaining the certificatesthey will travel to Saudi Arabia for the Umrah pilgrimage and will also participate inQuran recitation contest that is scheduled to be held in Jeddah
               Those who succeeded in this tournament are: Mr. Qari Haseebullahgot the first place from Baghlan province, Qari Mohammad Isah from Herat province ,Qari Hezbullah and Qari Idris from Nangarhar province, Ms. Selsela from Maidan Wardak province, Qari Abdul Rahman and Qari Haroon from Kabul province.
At the end the certificates and awards that was provided by the officials of the competition were distributed to the winners.