Announcing the resultsof the seventh annual tournament Tajweed, memorization and recitation of the Holy Quran

A ceremony on resultsAnnouncementfor the winners of the seventh annual tournament on memorization, Tajweed, and recitation of the Holy Quran in order to  reciters (Qari) couldparticipate in international competitions was held at the Forum of Intercontinental Hotelon Thursday19/01/1395.

               At the ceremony In addition of leading authority of the Ministry, senior government officials, representatives of the people in each house of the National Assembly and numbers of Qura (reciters) were participated too.


First, few verses of Holy Quran was recited by QariShaheenBagh.


               Then, Excellency Faiz Mohammad Osmani Minister of Hajj and, Religious Affairs officially opened the ceremony with his speech andknown it very useful to conductsuch programs in development and encourage of youth in religious education especially for reciters (Qura) and added : Ministry of Hajj and religious affairs as a religious sector knows it its responsibility to setup, some programs for  developing young talentthrough the mosques, that Reciter Can select their own Quran Stars and show them to the people of the country  that the Quran stars is also available in our community .Holy Quran is grand enough that if anyone get close to it he or she feel relax.We Muslims have responsibility to properly read the words of the Quran and understand its meaning. In this regard, Ministry considers its obligation to pave the ground for youth.
               Later, Dr. Mohammad AyazNiazi, Ahmad Noor Waqef chief executive advisor and some participants of the ceremony shortly spoke about the holy Quran and the role of Qurain the community.
               It is noteworthy that in the seventh round of the annual competition of, Tajweed, memorization and recitation of holy Quran in order to participate in international competition, over 60 Qura were participated. Among them three persons got the first position.